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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can GeoMapLookup be used for?
A: Use GeoMapLookup to find out where the visitors of your blog come from or where your favorite website is hosted. You can even copy the latitude and longitude to your clipboard.

Q: How can I launch GeoMapLookup and locate an IP addresse or domain name instantly?
A: GeoMapLookup supports this URL scheme geomaplookup://IP-OR-DOMAIN. This means you can launch and locate from within any app that supports URLs. Just use something like geomaplookup:// or geomaplookup://

Q: How can I launch GeoMapLookup for IP addresses shown in my WordPress dashboard?
A: Simply download the plugin and IP addresses of comments shown in your WordPress dashboard will either link to or launch the iOS app depending on whether you're on your desktop computer or iOS device.

Q: Where can I change the map style?
A: Change your default style from within the app (cog icon at the bottom right of the map) or use your device's settings app.

Q: Can I launch GeoMapLookup without the last search result being displayed?
A: Yes, take a look at your device's settings app to customize GeoMapLookup's behaviour.